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Recent Activity

Notre Dame Holy Cross High School, Moharpara responded to the need of the hour by extending the helping hand to the poor families by distributing 8 KG  Rice, 3 KG  Dal, 2KG Pottao,  2KG Onion.  The help was rendered to 235  poor families belonging to the following villages Da Garam Para 50 families, Karnaram para – 25 families, Navajoy para 27 families, Nonacherra 23 families, Dudarai 32 families, Datta Molosm para 31 families, Moharpara 47 families and Songola 50 families. Seven villages are coming under Khowai District under the Teilamura Sub Division and one village is coming under Gomati District under the Amarpur Sub Division.  The Families which received benefits were basically BPL card Holders or the families do not receive any benefits from the government.

The Staff and the management has contributed Rupees One lack to the Chief ministers Relief Fund and Thirty Thousand to Teilamura Municipal Covid Relief fund.

Besides that we joined the NGO groups of Teilamura boarding houses in helping the poor families by donating food materials.  

Alfred CSC